Ferrari 458 Italia (2013)




Prices starting from $1 600.00 per day

Conditions Apply

Above pricing refers to 9am – 5pm same day hire

Technical Specifications

Body Style: 2 Door Coupe
Layout: Mid engine, rear wheel drive
Seats: 2
Engine: 4.5L V8
Power: 419kw
0-100 kmph: 3.1 secs
Weight: 1485kg

*Actual car shown


Product Description

You don’t drive the new Ferrari 458 Italia at all. You grab its positive and negative terminals and let the juice stand your hair on end. It goes whaaaoooop! when you stroke the throttle, and it explodes forward, an aluminum red sabot with seatbelts.

The dual-clutch box changes gears with less shock and delay than a TV changing channels. Upshifts take 0.4 second, we’re told, though nobody thought to clock them. Hold the left paddle approaching a corner and the crackling downshifts come automatically and rapid-fire. The carbon-ceramic brakes—standard on all 458s—can park the car in startlingly short distances and also answer to minute changes in foot pressure.

Aaron Robinson – Car and Driver