Nissan GTR (2012)




$400.00 per hour (Minimum 1 hour)

Technical Specifications

Body Style: 2 Door coupe
Layout: Front engine, all wheel drive
Seats: 4
Engine: 3.8L V6 Twin Turbocharged
Power: 363kw
0-100 kmph: 3.2 secs
Weight: 1740kg




Product Description

So the GTR may not quite be the European work of super car art that the Lambo and Ferrari bring to the table, but listen here – this hyper-car can dominate the British, German and Italian machines. Don’t believe us? Take it out for a spin and experience this Godzilla of the streets yourself.

Perhaps some specs will have you convinced – as much as 520 hp, 434 lb-ft of torque and 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds (that’s faster than the Ferrari F430!). In sum, push it hard and thrust it quick and you will hear the angels sing. This insane piece of uncontrolled power has the most incredible buzzing crescendo.

The bottom line, one quick burst of this brutal piece of Japanese engineering will have you face-pulling and pulse-pounding. So why not slay Godzilla and conquer this obscene model of power today.