About us

Here at Unique Car Rentals we pride ourselves on providing a highly professional and seamless prestige and super car rental experience. We do this by following some key principles which have helped mould our business and enhance our customers experience. Below are just a couple of our key principles and once you have had an experience with us you will see why we’re unlike anyone else out there.


We run an honest and ethical business. We value the reputation we have earned since opening Unique Car Rentals in 2014 and will do whatever it takes to uphold that. We know unforeseen events happen whether it be vehicle break downs, customers returning late or something more serious, if these events did occur, we will make sure you are kept informed and work as hard as humanly possible to make it right.


Ever wonder why other exotic car rental companies don’t list an address on their website? It’s because they don’t have one or worse, they’re operating out of their homes. Here at Unique Car Rentals we have professionally-staffed facilities and showrooms that are open to the public, you can visit us 6 days a week and pick out the car of your dreams in person.


We know that not everyone wants to spend thousands per day to drive the latest Lamborghini. That’s why we offer a variety of prestige and super cars as well as different experiences – from the $700 1hr Lamborghini Experience to our $2800 Super Car Drive Days and of course our Rentals. Our goal is to give as many options as possible to experience our prestige and super cars exactly the way you want.


We’re car guys. We’re not doing this to hide or steal money or boost our own egos. We are in this business because we love cars and we love seeing the expressions on our clients’ faces when we hand the keys over. We want to share the love we have for these vehicles with you.


Value isn’t the first thing you think of when renting a prestige or super car. But we understand this business and we’re here to give you the best possible experience and service at the lowest possible price. We don’t waste money but we also don’t cut corners. Nor will we fight you over cents, we are not going to charge you if you show up 20 minutes late.


Lots of people call and ask “what’s the catch?” or “what am I missing?” There is no catch, everything you need to know is listed here on our website. There are no hidden fees or secret vehicles that we’re keeping from you.