Luxury Car Hire Melbourne

Getting around the beautiful city of Melbourne is that much more enjoyable when you use a luxury car hire Melbourne service. It’s easy to make your own or a loved one’s dream come true for the day in the rented elegance of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

Enjoy the Best Luxury Car Hire Melbourne

Day trips are the perfect way to entertain dignitaries, business clients, and loved ones who are important to you. It’s fun to schedule Unique Car Rentals for the day or for as long as needed. A luxury vehicle such as a Porsche or a Mercedes convertible with sleek looks and smooth leather seats is sure to offer a ride in style.

Choose Elegant Luxury Car Hire Melbourne

Elegant car rentals by the most expensive names in the auto world are also perfect for giving as gifts for people on special occasions. If you have ever seen a bride and groom arrive to their reception in a Lamborghini, they are all dressed up and feeling like the king and queen of the event. Their luxury car hire Melbourne gives them the perfect grand entrance to their big party.

Schedule Your Luxury Car Hire Melbourne

Sometimes, it is just the perfect excuse to make your own day a little brighter by scheduling your own luxury car hire Melbourne for personal use. Whether you are taking advantage of a car rental voucher or leasing a luxury car hire Melbourne for yourself, this city is more enjoyable from the comfortable driver seat of a Jaguar.

Sacrifice Nothing With A Chauffeur

It may not be ideal to get around the urban landscape and keep track of your luxury vehicle, especially if you have a lot of stops. Unique Car Rentals also have the availability of chauffeured luxury car rentals. With a professionally trained attendant, you and the people in your party can easily access anywhere in Melbourne when it is convenient. Don’t worry about the liability of the car or where to find parking. It’s easy to arrange for your pickups and drop-offs or count on the chauffeur of your luxury car hire Melbourne to wait for you all day.

Check Availability at Unique Car Rentals

Not all luxury car services in the city of Melbourne are going to provide you the same level of available inventory and superior service. The dedicated staff of Unique Car Rental want your rental experience to be excellent. Ask for details on a rental today.

Unique Car Rentals has an exquisite selection of of high performance vehicles for rent. Some of the brands we have for rental include:

  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • McLaren
  • Bentley
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Lotus
  • Land Rover
  • Mini
  • Maserati