Ferrari Hire Melbourne

For many individuals, a Ferrari is their dream car. Although many cannot afford a Ferrari, they still drool when they see one cruise past them in the street. While owning a luxury car may be out of the question for you, have you ever considered renting one? It can be a blast, particularly when you drive friends and family in it and rent from Unique Car Rentals. They are the leaders when it comes to an exotic Ferrari Hire Melbourne car rental.

Dreams Come True With Ferrari Hire Melbourne

Unique Car Rentals has made it possible for Australian drivers who have always had a dream of driving the most luxurious car to actually experience it. They have a wonderful showroom full of exotic cars from Ferrari’s, Mercedes Benz, Porsche convertibles, Lamborghini’s and more. These Ferrari Hire Melbourne cars are ready to rent from their gorgeous showroom at affordable prices.

Celebrate Any Occasion with a Ferrari Hire Melbourne Rental

Perhaps you want to treat your wife with a great convertible ride to the theatre and dinner for your wedding anniversary. What a wonderful idea Ferrari Hire Melbourne is! Surprise your husband for his birthday with an opportunity to drive a Ferrari and watch how excited he will be! As you sit inside your crisp Ferrari, you will not be any happier. When you rent from Unique Car Rental, in a short time, you will be driving down Great Ocean Road with your dream car! Whether you need a rental car or just want to drive around in the car of your dreams, this is a splurge that will not hurt a budget.

Ferrari Hire Melbourne Is the Perfect Gift

With a selection that is unique and fun, this showroom for Ferrari Hire Melbourne makes it possible for drivers to be excited. When you rent a luxury car you will have the experience of your life. Whether you decide to rent for yourself or choose a perfect gift for a family member who is a car enthusiast, you will definitely find your dream car that will turn heads! Our professional team at Unique Car Rental in Melbourne has your perfect car just waiting for you now. Once you rent from them, you are sure to rent again for future special occasions! Gift vouchers are available for Ferrari Hire Melbourne so your special person can have fun and choose their own dream car!

We have 2 Ferraris on offer for rental:

Ferrari 488 Spider
Ferrari California T

Unique Car Rentals has an exquisite selection of of high performance vehicles for rent. Some of the brands we have for rental include:

  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • McLaren
  • Bentley
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Lotus
  • Land Rover
  • Mini
  • Maserati